Weed Control with Buffalograss

Proper establishment practices will help to reduce weed competition, but weeds will most likely be the single most limiting factor in establishing a new stand of grass quickly. Weeds compete for moisture, nutrients, and space. If left unmanaged weeds can severely inhibit a developing stand of buffalograss. Mowing during establishment will decrease the competitiveness of some taller growing weeds. Mowing just above the planned mowing height of the buffalograss in the first 4 to 5 weeks will keep the grass exposed to sunlight and the increased mowing frequency will encourage tiller and stolon development thus speeding up establishment.

Limited information is available on herbicide safety and use in the establishment phase of buffalograss. Drive 75DF herbicide has shown good flexibility for new buffalograss seedings as it is labeled to apply any time before or after seeding and germination. New products will continually be labeled for buffalograss as the popularity of the grass increases. Consult your local garden center or County Extension Office for updated herbicide recommendations. Always follow the label of any pesticide product prior to its use.