Weed Prevention with Buffalograss

Proper turf management practices can prevent many of the common weeds. Avoid frequent watering, over fertilizing, and scalping as these practices promote weed growth and put your buffalograss at a competitive disadvantage. Unfortunately, good management practices only reduce the weed competition and do not eliminate them. Hand weeding is always an option but is very time consuming and labor intensive. Herbicides are commonly used to aid the turf manager in promoting a healthy weed-free turf.

Weedgrass competition is one of the most common factors limiting the rapid establishment and spreading of a new buffalgrass stand. An application of Drive 75DF Herbicide, a selective post-emergence herbicide will do a good job of limiting weedgrass competition. This application should be made in the 3rd or 4th week after planting. As with any pesticide ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER’S LABEL PRIOR TO USE.

When used in accordance with the manufacturer’s label, these products are safe and very effective. If you are uncomfortable or inexperienced in the use of pesticides it is best to have the products applied by a licensed and reputable lawn care service. For those who want to do their own application the following is a brief outline of the products available and their intended use.

Pesticide availalbility and registrations are subject to change. An excellent internet source to aid in determining availability and appropriate use of herbicides for buffalograss is available atwww.kellysolutions.com. Simply place the State abbreviation in the search line (i.e. NE for Nebraska) Once at your location you can type in buffalograss in the site section and it will ist all products registered for use on buffalograss in your State. Not all products will be available at all locations and many of these products are available only to commercial applicators or in quantities excessive for homeowners. The following table may be helpful in determining herbicides to use on your buffalograss. The information may also be helpful as you search for specific products on the above website.

Herbicides Currently Labeled for Use on Buffalograss

Pre-emergent Herbicides Labeled for Buffalograss

Trade Name Common Name Company Use
Barricade 65 WG prodiamine Syngenta Apply to established turfgrass only
Pendulum 3.3 EC pendimethalin BASF Apply to established turfgrass only
Dimension dithiopyr Dow AgroSciences Pre-emerge and post-emerge use

Post-emergent Herbicides Labeled for Buffalograss

Trade Name Common Name Company Use
Spotlight fluoxypyr Dow AgroSciences Applyl to established turfgrass only
Drive 75DF quinchlorac BASF Labeled for residential use but can be applied only by commercial applicators
MSMA products MSMA Various companies Apply to established turfgrass only
Trimec type products 2,4-D* + Dicamba + MCPP Various companies Apply to established turfgrass only
Roundup Pro glyphosate Monsanto Non-selective herbicide for dormant use

*2,4-D products should not be applied when the air temperature is above 75 degrees F (24 degrees C) and when wind speeds exceed 5 MPH (8 km/hr). Unacceptable injury to the turf and to non-target plants may result.

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